U.S. Cellular Is Now Offering New Plans With Unlimited Text And Data

U.S. Cellular Is Now Offering New Plans With Unlimited Text And Data
Consumers and small businesses can now get unlimited data with U.S. Cellular for as low as $40 per line for lines or just $60 per month for a single line with autopay/paperless billing enrollment. Photo : SLN! Media Group/YouTube

U.S. Cellular Corporation is a well-known carrier in the US which owns and operates as well the fifth-largest wireless telecommunications network around the country. As of the first quarter of 2016, US Cellular is said to be serving 4.9 million customers in a total of 426 markets in 23 states. Today, according to reports, the Chicago company is offering new plans with unlimited text as well as data.

U.S. Cellular Is Now Offering New Unlimited Plan

Thanks to the competition, more and more carriers are now offering plans with unlimited text and data. According to Digital Trends, February 2017 will be remembered for almost all smartphone users because of the revival of the unlimited data plan. Today, U.S. Cellular will join the fun with the unlimited plan of its own. This new text and data plan eliminates phone upgrade fees, any activation fees, monthly device connection charges as well as data overage fees.

A straightforward wireless plan is also offered that reduces user's confusion of hidden fees with the introduction of US Cellular's Total Plans with No Hidden Fees. The reconstructed plan starts at $40 per month with for 2GB of high-speed data, while the $50 plan hits the data bucket to 6GB. The Unlimited Total Plan includes an unlimited data for $60 a month, but an Unlimited Plus option lies alongside it for an additional $20 more per month.

The Unlimited Total Plan can provide you with “high definition” video resolution. Your mobile is also covered at 480p if you opt for this unlimited plan. However, the Unlimited Plus Total Plan covers videos at 720p, whereas the 2GB and 6GB plans both allow video streams at its “full network speed.” The company reportedly suggests that the Unlimited Total Plan customers will have their data suppressed to 2G speeds once they reach 22GB for a month.

U.S. Cellular’s unlimited offering includes hot-spot capability, video streaming and free calling to other countries such as Mexico and Canada. These plans are available to all existing and new customers, and those purchasing a new handset can take advantage of the monthly payment option. The company confirmed that there are no data overage fees, so all customers need to pay the same amount every month.

Auto Pay Or Paperless Billing Required

According to Business Wire, the unlimited data plans offered by the US Cellular will stream at standard definition speeds. Customers will reportedly get the Unlimited Total Plans’ prices if they sign up for Auto Pay of Paperless Billing. Even if you are not interested with this and do not want to go for automatic payments, US Cellular already included it in your payment scheme. Unlike on the T-Mobile’s One plan, US Cellular's Total Plans will charge customers for taxes, regulatory fees as well as subscriber services.

To enroll for this requirement, register your U.S. Cellular account online straight on the firm's website. Go to My Account and go green by enrolling in auto-pay or paperless billing. It is free, very quick, easy, secure and helps the environment as well. With this enrollment, you can also view your statements online not just for this month, but for up to 16 months then print out bills for your convenience. You can also receive text or email alerts and it can also be personalized to notify you of your account activity.


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