Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Forget Samsung And Get One For $100

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has exploded onto the scene with rave reviews, outrageously loyal fanboys and a successful performance record that can hardly be disputed. The only problem, of course, seems to be the price.

As with any high-end smartphone these days, if you want to get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you're looking at spending at least $300 and possibly as much as $800. But what if you could actually get yourself a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for as little as $100 (or less)?

Now you can get a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for the seemingly impossibly low price of $98.39. How? All you need to do is drop the "Samsung" (along with the "Galaxy Note 2") and purchase your phone via, a specialty site rather like — but one that focuses on products of all kinds, including some you've never heard of before (and never might).

Granted, doesn't exactly call the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but considering it does refer to the device it's selling for $98.39 as a "5.0 inch N7100+ Android 4.0 Smart Phone 1GHz Bluetooth WiFi Dual Cameras (Royal Blue)," you know you're still basically getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, being that the model number of the actual phone is N7100.

What you're essentially doing when you buy the N7100+Android 4.0 Smart Phone from is get a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 very much in the same way that you might be able to get perfume that smells exactly like Calvin Klein's ... only put out by a different company. Manufacturers in China — where many of smartphone parts are made — are known for taking phone specs and "flipping" them to smaller companies that can come out with knock-offs that are basically the same as the originals.

The N7100+Android 4.0 Smart Phone is such a fantastic knock-off of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, in fact, that you can see in one of the images of the much-cheaper phone the very board for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The N7100+Android 4.0 Smart Phone might not say Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on the case, but that's more or less what you're getting, for as much as an eighth of the price.

There may be a few minor differences between the two phones (the N7100+ has a 1GHz processor, whereas the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 1.6 GHz processor, and a few other spec changes you can review via the site), but that's beside the point. You still end up with a fine 5.0-inch screen smartphone that will give you everything you need for far less money.

The money you save on the N7100+Android 4.0 Smart Phone versus what you would have spent on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can be put toward upgrading the former anyway, so why not give it a shot?

*iTech Post reminds its readers that smart phones purchased from third-party sellers can lead to unforeseen consequences. Please purchase with caution. It's always best to educate yourself first.

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