The Most Loved Tech CEOs In Silicon Valley Right Now

I am not a Morning Person - Sundar Pichai
Many famous tech figures like Jack Dorsey or Satya Nadella doesn't appear on the list of most loved tech CEOs, which clearly suggests that their relationship with their employees are not completely perfect. Photo : Bals HD/YouTube

Being a good CEO is not only a matter of knowing how to reach the firm's objectives but also to be a great leader that employees could identify with. Given this situation, employees of the most important tech companies have shown their approval ratings to their bosses, showing how good or bad their relationship are. Here are the three most loved tech CEOs right now according to statistics.

Tim Cook

Although he has always been overshadowed by the legend of Steve Jobs, Apple´s CEO Tim Cook has been characterized for being one of the greatest figures in tech history.  Thanks to the way in which he manages the company´s power and relevance, to the point in which Apple has conquered new markets and has expanded in many other fields. And if you think that taking the reins of a successful company and decrease its performance is quite unusual, you just have to remember what happened with Steve Ballmer and Microsoft.

But in addition to the fact that his period in Apple has been extremely successful, the most interesting detail about Tim Cook is that he´s one of the most loved tech CEOs right now. Thanks to the fact that the has a 96 percent employee approval rating. Far from being a grumpy boss, Tim Cook has been characterized for being a good listener and a person with the ability to handle pressure in the best way possible.

Sundar Pichai

Just in the previous case, being Google´s CEO is probably one of the most difficult jobs in the tech industry, considering the way in which the search giant has expanded to almost every single field in the tech business.  Because of the fact that the company already had historic CEOs like Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, achieving a great notoriety and managing to maintain Google in its successful road is an impossible mission that Sundar Pichai has accomplished in an incredible way.

However, what seems to be the greatest feature of Sundar Pichai is that he´s also one of the most loved tech CEOs in Silicon Valley.  Thanks to the way in which he has reached a notorious leadership by being a boss that knows how to get the best from the workers with charismatic manners and the knowledge to reach the company´s objectives. This situation is clearly shown in his 97 percent employee approval rating.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook´s growth in last year has been so incredible that the social media network increased its power as the most popular platform in the world, to the point in which the company has reached such an important power.  Nevertheless, what seems to be the most notorious characteristic of Zuckerberg in the last months is only a single thing: controversy.

That´s right, Facebook´s CEO has been blamed for Donald Trump´s election because of the fake news issue.  He has been widely criticized for kowtowing to China´s regime in order to launch its platform in that country, and recently has been considered as someone who´s looking to become the future president of the Unites States no matter what. However, it seems that these controversies haven't affected its image among Facebook´s workers, given the fact that he´s one of the most loved tech CEOs in the world, with 98 percent employee approval rating.

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