Mobile Legends: How To Use The Voice Chat Feature

By Noah Sanchez , Feb 25, 2017 09:10 AM EST

Last "Mobile Legends" February update included the all new voice chat feature in the game. Much like what the online games on consoles offer, players can now talk to their very own teammate in the game. However, not every mobile has this feature available yet. In the recent update, developers and creators left a note in the inbox saying that they have invited several selected users to test out the new in-game voice function. If a player was chosen, they would receive a message in their inbox. This is the exact message that the selected players would receive: "Dear player, we have invited selected users to join us to test out our brand new in-game voice chatting function, congratulations on being selected as one of our trial participants! 

"To begin, you can go to "Options-Chat Settings-Battleground Voice Chat" to activate the voice chatting function. During the battles, click on the microphone button next to the minimap start voice chatting with your teammates. Battleground voice chat function will be available for a period of time, following which we will be collecting your user feedback in order to make further improvements as needed. Thank you for your support for Mobile Legends!" 

This message will get a ton of players really excited as they will be part of the beta testing. However, as per some players who were selected, the in-game feature sad to say, will not work properly. Apparently, those players cannot hear the other talking or the teammates can't hear them talking. On the other hand, someone pointed out that maybe the teammates were not selected to try out the said voice feature of "Mobile Legends". Therefore, they will really not hear any of the selected talking.

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