Pokemon GO Guide: How To Increase Your Chances In Getting Rare Pokemon

Players are ecstatic when Gen 2 Pokemon have been available in Pokemon GO. However, they are still wishing to catch the rare monsters in the game. Fortunately, that problem has a solution but they need to know that it will not be easy.

The first thing they need to know is that 10km eggs usually produce the rare Pokemon in the game. Players need to work further than two or five kilometers. Getting the eggs in Pokemon GO are the easiest way to acquire their desired monster.

Next, they must remember that the chances of getting rare pre-evolved Pokemon are little compared to catching evolved version of the monsters. They can catch them almost anywhere, according to Eurogamer. Also, getting an evolved creature will save players their candies.

If players want to capture a steel or fire Pokemon, then they must roam around museums and monuments. But the best way to catch any rare monster is by exploring around the area in order to see if there are other rare creatures lurking.

Another way to get rare Pokemon is to earn as many medals as they can. The reason is that if they acquire enough medals, they can get different types of rare monsters. For example, the Kindler medal will give them 10 rare fire-type creatures.

Lastly, it is better for players to know the Pokemon around their area in order to familiarize themselves. Niantic just released different monsters depending on their region. One creature that is considered as rare and region exclusive Pokemon is Heracross, as per BGR.

Hopefully, players will be able to get the rare Pokemon they want in Pokemon GO. However, they must remember that the common monsters can be their best weapon and buddy in the game because they are as useful and as powerful as the unusual types.

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