Reasons Why Overwatch Is DICE's Game Of The Year

Blizzard just bagged another award for Overwatch during the last DICE Awards. Considering that there are other tough competitors for the Game of the Year Award, the game is not surprising that it won. Of course, there are reasons why it is deserving to take home the trophy.

First, Overwatch is a new game from Blizzard that players have fallen immediately and even if the game has issues, they continued to play it. It means that even if the game is not flawless, the gameplay is enjoyable and interesting.

Next, Blizzard has created Overwatch with fantastic design and that is the reason why it also took home Outstanding Achievement in Game Design. Of course, how can it be the Game of the Year award if its visuals and graphics are not appealing to the players?

As per PC Gamer, DICE has been looking for a game that will provide innovation to the gaming world. That is the reason why Overwatch has the right to receive Game of the Year award. It also means that Blizzard has successfully developed the game.

According to Mammoth Gamers, the most important reason why Blizzard's Overwatch is deserving to win six awards in DICE Awards is because of the impact on culture. Just after a month, the game earned a total of 10 million players all over the world.

Not any game has done that before but Overwatch managed to hold that record. The game has changed the world of gaming's meaning because it won Game of the Year. It did not only won the same award in DICE but the GDC awarded it previously to Blizzard.

It seems that Overwatch has managed to have different affects both to players and the gaming world. Blizzard should take the different awards that they have been receiving not only as motivation but also a challenge to keep on releasing worthy yet fun video games.

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