For Honor Guide: How To Get Better Gear

Save your Steel - players and veterans of the game For Honor from Ubisoft can't stress this enough but it's probably as hard to fight the urge as shopping during the holidays is especially if you have the cash. Saving your Steel, however, will let you spend more of it once you reach the perfect level to start spending them. Here's a guide on how to get gears - the good kind in For Honor.

How To Acquire Gear In For Honor

There are three gear tiers in For Honor - Common, Rare, and Heroic. To obtain gear, armor, and weapon sets in For Honor, there is basically two ways. Players can get them from either after-match drops or buy them. Common gear drops below level 15 but as you go beyond that, the better quality items will start to appear but these are mostly level two common or level three common items.

Rare gear will drop after your first prestige, which means you need to reach level 25 then start level 1 again. The quality of your gear will increase in For Honor as your character level up. This goes to the quality of gear you can purchase with Steel as well.

When To Spend Those Steel In For Honor

Both the drops and buying packs will increase the quality of the gear they can give you as your level increases. The firs level of Reputation will have Rare drops for you, the second level opens Heroic drops. However, there is an even better quality gear in For Honor, which is the Heroic Star Gear. They are basically Heroic gear but has a star attached to their name. This gear appears on the second level of Reputation but at a very low chance - a chance that increases at the third level of Reputation.

Players can start spending some of those Steel at their first level of prestige to get a slight upper hand in battle. However, it is recommended that it's even better to spend the Steel at Prestige level three. Whenever you want to start to spending them, it's ill-advised to do so from the get-go which is why you should wait until you reach at least a prestige or two.

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