iPad Linea App Gets A New Updated Apple Pencil, Presentation Mode

The Iconfactory revealed Linea 1.0.2 for iPad, which is a well-designed sketching app designed with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. It also brings Apple Pencil Tilt Support and an updated optimization features, which offers exceptional drawing results. The new version of Linea for iPad also includes a new Presentation Mode, which perfectly works with AppleTV.

New Version Linea 1.0.2

The new version Linea 1.0.2 features Apple Pencil Tilt Support, which supports Technical Pencil, Art Pencil, Pen, Marker, and Eraser. It also works with drawing tools found within Notes app. It also comes with a feature that uses the ability to draw with the finger as an eraser.

Apple Pencil Tilt Support

The Technical Pencil is a smooth and faded stroke along the edge of a solid lead. The Art Pencil has a soft and ample shading that varies with both size settings and pressure on the pencil. It also has a Pen, which owns smooth nib great for hard edges or calligraphic writing.  It also has Markers, which is broad flat stroke and is perfect for coloring large areas of the screen. The Eraser has a flat oval instead of a round tip for erasing, as per 9 To 5 Mac.

Linea: Presentation Mode

The Presentation Mode can display drawings on the Apple TV via AirPlay. A Lightning-to-HDMI adapter can also display the new mode. The Presentation Mode is available on the "More Actions" menu. It can show off a full screen and omits tool palette. It can also zoom the level and controls rotation.

Linea Manages Improvements

According to The Gadgeteer, users can move sketches or draw from one project folder to another. The users should long press a drawing on the Project view and then select move. It can move them all at once.

The new sketch can also be generated within a canvas without needing to leave the current drawing. Users can select "More Actions" and then "New Sketch." The blank canvas is preset with existing grid and background settings.


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