Syrian Oscar Nominee, Khaled Kateeb, Not Attending Awards Night: Here's Why

It seems that the Trump administration’s travel ban did not only take a toll on the country’s economic and health sector; It has also affected the movie industry. Well, at least for some foreign filmmakers and actors who were lucky enough to be noticed by the Land of Milk and Honey’s tinsel town, but were unfortunately born in one of the seven majority-Muslim countries covered by Trump’s immigration ban.

One of the unfortunate victims of the controversial ban is Syrian Oscar nominee, Khaled Kateeb. If his movie wins, Khateeb has no choice but to watch the ceremony from his homeland.

Trump Immigration Ban - Khaled Kateeb Did Not Get A Visa Waiver

Khaled Kateeb is the cinematographer for “White Helmets,” a 40-minute Netflix drama contending for Best Documentary Film. The film tackles the harrowing civil war in his nation.

According to reports, he was scheduled to arrive in Los Angeles Saturday. However, he failed to obtain a visa waiver from the U.S. immigration authorities.

Not The Only Filmmaker Blocked From U.S. Entry

Khaled Kateeb is not the only filmmaker who will not be able to attend Hollywood’s biggest night this year. Because of the Trump administration’s ‘Muslim ban,’ Iranian director Asghar Farhadi, who happens to be also nominated for the Oscar film “The Salesman,” has chosen not to attend the 89th Academy Awards. Even if some exceptions were made, he will boycott the occasion because of the “in no way acceptable” ambiguity surrounding his entry into the U.S.

The Associated Press also revealed that an internal Trump administration correspondence from the Department of Homeland Security has decided at the last minute to block Khaled Khateeb from traveling to Los Angeles for the Oscars.

Recently, it has been reported that the Trump Travel Ban has put the life of a 4-month-old Iranian baby at risk. The newborn child named Fatemah was scheduled to have heart surgery but was delayed due to the Trump travel ban.

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