Lea Michele Joins A Pilot Comedy On ABC; Actress' Exit From 'Scream Queens' Lowers The Show's Chances Of Renewal

Actress Lea Michele has already booked her next project with ABC's pilot comedy. Michele who plays Hester Ulrich in "Scream Queens" has been reportedly freed by Ryan Murphy from her contract. With her exit, many fans have speculated that "Scream Queens" is as good as done after the main character flees the show.

Should the Fox anthology, "Scream Queens" be renewed, actress Lea Michele will not be returning to reprise her co-lead role. Michele has spent two seasons with the horror comedy flick being one of the main characters of the show. "Scream Queens" showrunner, Ryan Murphy, has reportedly released the actress to give her a chance to a better role.

Michele is said to play another major role in the upcoming ABC comedy series which is yet to be titled. According to reports, the new drama will revolve around the story of a rapper-turned-mayor character. The specific role of Michele in the show is not yet announced, but reports say that she was supposed to play as Courtney's chief of staff. However, it has also been mentioned that her part is being adjusted to accommodate the actress. Others speculate that she might turn into a love interest to Brandon Michael Hall (Courtney) who nabbed the lead role of the new show.

Michele has been working on Murphy's creations where she first appeared on "Glee" as Rachel Berry" before she embraced her role as Hester in "Scream Queens." The ABC series will serve as Michele's first pilot show after she spent her TV career with Fox.

With that said, fans of "Scream Queens" are worried that the show might lose its chance to get a renewal. Michele plays a major role in the horror flick, and she is arguably one of the fan-favorite characters of the show. With her exit, fans are foreseeing the show to get a lower chance of winning a green light for its third season.

Before the announcement of Michele's flee, though, fans already had a guess that "Scream Queens" might already be axed from Fox. Season 2 of the show earned poor ratings, averaging only 0.61 in the 18-49 demographic, and earning only less than over a million viewers. The show is reportedly one of the poorest performing shows in Fox network.

Fox has not yet given its take on the rumors. Hence, fans should wait for the official announcement about the definite future of "Scream Queens."

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