'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Accused Of Abusing His Four Wives; Ill-Treatment Led The Browns To Flee Utah?

Countless speculations are headlining the "Sister Wives" star, Kody Brown. Latest talks have it that Kody might be abusing his four wives who have previously been rumored to leave the polygamist. Furthermore, there is a new speculation saying that the Browns flee Utah to conceal from the laws about the ill-treatment happening within the family.
Although the show is currently on hiatus, viewers continue to follow the lives of the Browns, and now fans are being updated with countless divorce rumors. The head of the Brown has been headlined multiple times already as his wives are reportedly planning to leave him once and for all. Meri and Robyn's supposed concerns have especially been highlighted, but none of the talks were ever confirmed by the "Sister Wives" stars.

Just recently, a buzz has involved Robyn saying that a family friend told a magazine that she is preparing to petition for a divorce with Kody. It has been said that Kody has become hotheaded and that the couple has been fighting constantly. It can also be recalled that Meri was rumored to leave their home late last year as she allegedly found a new lover that she wants to get married with.

Following these previous reports, people are now theorizing that Kody might have been abusing his wives, the reason for them to be rumored divorcing their husband. Meri has been seen in the latest season of "Sister Wives" airing out her feelings towards Kody. She specifically tells how trust between them has been broken and that she feels unhappy.

Furthermore, there were reports insisting that one of the wives of Kody previously approached Kristen Decker who is a former plural wife then later on turned into a leader of a movement against polygamy. Rumors then have it that the alleged Brown wife talked to Decker to help her escape her marriage with Kody.

Placing the pieces together, rumors claim that the plural marriage of the Browns have inflicted verbal, emotional and mental harm to the Sister Wives, and might have been the reason for their flee from Utah. The Browns left their Utah home in 2011 for the fear of getting arrested for polygamy.

Utah though has been clear with its rules that the government will only investigate on polygamous families who are reported to go against the human rights of the wives and children involved. The reality stars have however denied any abuse and continue to defend their lifestyle.

Kody has joined hundreds of polygamists earlier this month to march for their appeal to the court of their intention to decriminalize polygamy. However, the court remains to have its doors closed to the petitions and remains solid with its anti-polygamy laws as the government reportedly believes it has to protect the interest of women and children in the state.

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