PlayStation Network Down, When Will Sony Fix It?

Many gamers have complained that they are unable to use the PlayStation network and it seems that the entire service is down, meaning that most players are finding it difficult to log into their accounts or access the store.

Sony's Japanese website, translated in a NeoGAF thread, confirms that the service is down at the moment and the company is trying to find the cause of the problem and provide a fix.

Undoubtedly, many gamers are disappointed as well as frustrated with Sony.

"It's a little embarrassing really, for a company of their size. I often give up looking for what I want. I've occasionally been looking for DLC, and I've had to actively seek it out, through a number of different searches. Customers shouldn't have to root around under all the junk to find what they need. Sort yourselves our next gen Sony, it's a joke at the minute, really, really poor," complained a user at NeoGAF.

"I'm trying to purchase Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault from the US PlayStation Store and it says there was an error. I tried the webstore too and the connection timed out. Is anybody else having this problem?" complained another user at NeoGAF.

PlayStation Europe has also confirmed that the network is down.

"Some users expriencing problems signing into the Store at the moment, we're investigating & will update you soon. Thanks for your patience," said PlayStation Europe's tweet.

Moreover, many gamers are afraid that the problems might be linked to a cyber-attack that seeks to get access to personal information of members.

This is not the first time that the PlayStation Network has been down. In spring 2011, the PlayStation network went down and since then Sony has taken measures to upgrade its servers.

Users will hope for the PlayStation Network to be up and running as soon as possible but if you use PlayStation Network are you able to access it?

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