Is Trading Feature Finally Coming To Pokemon GO?

When Gen 2 was finally released to Pokemon GO, it greatly changed the significance of the game in the industry. Many thought that it's plummeting, but it soon gained momentum following the arrival of the new Pokemon. But of course, despite the hype, it still lacks some key features. One of these is the highly talked about the Trading system, something that most fans have been hoping to see. Apparently, traces of it seem to suggest that it's indeed coming.

According to Droid Report, some data miners were able to acquire new information about the aforementioned Pokemon GO feature. It's believed that traces of trading code have been distinguished in the newest update (0.57.2) for the hit mobile game app. By removing the numeric values, they were able to relate the data to the much-awaited feature.

It holds true that Niantic didn't reveal the arrival of Trading feature to Pokemon GO. This is something that's true in the new update, as no such feature was announced in the patch notes. Interestingly, as what the data miners have discovered, the studio has a reason for doing so. That by cleaning out the scripts, the developers will able to address other matters.

It's worth remembering that since the introduction of Gen 2 to Pokemon GO, tons of players were reporting about various issues. The most common ones are frequent crashes and unstable server connections, as reported by Pokemon GO Hub. So, if there's truth to this, the studio is prepping the game for the arrival of the Trading System.

Think of this move as a way to optimize Pokemon GO. Perhaps Niantic wants to ensure that by the time the feature arrives, nothing serious will happen. Or, simply put, they want to lessen the problems they encountered when the second generation of Pokemon was released. For now, it's only a matter of time before everything gets official. Players might soon get an announcement from the company.

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