Is Hatching While Catching Possible In Pokemon GO?

It holds true that Pokemon GO is among the best mobile games of recent memory. It even soared high following the introduction of new creatures and features. However, one can't deny the fact that it still lacks a couple of significant, interesting stuff. Apparently though, players were able to discover a glitch that somehow helps them to hatch Pokemon while catching. Whether or not this is true, it's worth investigating.

First off, the aforementioned Pokemon GO glitch is somewhat similar to the previously discovered one. The latter basically allows players to hatch a good number of eggs while travelling above the required speed limit. However, as noted by Otakukart, adding the act of catching to it could somehow be possible.

In a sense, distance in Pokemon GO isn't necessarily accurate. Or perhaps, Niantic doesn't count it accurately. What the community does know is that when the incubating screen is up with the game being minimized, it still can track distance. So, if this is the case, as what the publication suggested, catching can also be done.

It remains a mystery, though, if the distance in Pokemon GO has been deterred or not. This could somehow be possible with the release of new monsters and features, something that brought the game's popularity back as reported by USA Today. There are players who believe that there are a bunch of ways to test and/or collect more information for this. One is by sitting in one place for at least 5 minutes. Players can also choose to record the distance based on the infinite incubator as well as the buddy. Or perhaps, by simply picking up a Pokemon or two.

By doing so, one can prove if the act of hatching and catching Pokemon GO monsters is possible. But of course, this won't be an easy task. There are still various elements to consider. For instance, the state of the game (such as map screen and the game being minimized, among others) must be considered. This, in particular, could affect the possibility of the aforementioned being a reality.

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