Pokemon Go News: Another Big Update Coming, What To Expect?

By Noli Teves , Feb 27, 2017 03:50 AM EST

A new update for the "Pokemon Go" mobile game is set. However this time, it won't be that big and grand. But then again, it is worthy to make it to the headlines.

Niantic Labs, the game's developer has just stated that there will be a new update to the game. The said update will be aimed at improving the gameplay performance.

More Updates Are Coming

Just recently, 80 new Pokemon were introduced to the game. However, there were a lot of complaints coming from players regarding the new update.

This time, the upcoming new update will just do that, and clean things up. According to WWG, some of the complaints coming from the players are startup freezes which require a restart, as well as a faster battery drain.

It surely is a bad thing for the game to have negative comments such as these, as it will affect its legacy and popularity. Now that a Pokemon Event is also underway, it just makes perfect sense for Niantic Labs to clean up the game to refrain from further complaints coming out.

According to Mic, there will also be a new set of updates that will come out for "Pokemon Go" in the coming weeks and months.

Vital Thing For Niantic Labs To Do

With all of these being said, Niantic Labs really need to be extra careful in bringing in updates to its hit mobile game, "Pokemon Go". There is still no assurance that the positive reputation of the game will continue its trend in the long run, which is why Niantic Games wants to put in updates from time to time.

What it needs to do is to assure that everything will be going smoothly. Well, adding updates every now and then is the right thing to do.

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