Snipperclips Added To Nintendo Switch Launch Line Up

Nintendo originally revealed Snipperclips back in January promising that the creative co-op game would be a launch title for the Switch. Nintendo now confirms that Snipperclips has been announced to being a launch day title release on Nintendo’s newest console. The game will be available on Nintendo eShop and will be exclusively a digital download. It will be available from March 3 onward.

Snipperclips is a game where players have done paper characters who can cut their compatriots into unique sizes and shapes. Players will require to snip themselves into certain shapes to solve puzzles of the game and to complete game levels. The game will feature single, co-op gaming and competitive game modes.

The title Snipperclips is being developed by SFB Games which is a studio primarily focused on mobile devices. In a way, the Nintendo Switch is a fitting gadget for the studio to make its entrance to the console platform. Snipperclips is the twelfth launch day title for the Nintendo Switch.

The game will be sold at $19.99 from the Nintendo eShop. This makes the game a low-risk title for players who are looking to have some family friendly puzzle game fun. The Switch will have no shortage of unique games for all ages. There are unique games for the Nintendo Switch such as games like 1-2 Switch and The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when the console comes out this March as reported by GameRant.

Aside from buying the game from the Nintendo eShop, players can also obtain the game via a digital download code in a box packed with an extra pair of Joy-Con controllers. No price is yet set for the pack although the current price for an extra pair of Joy-Con controller retails for $79. While players can play the game by themselves, Snipperclips is really designed as a multiplayer experience as published by Eurogamer.

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