Doom Directors Discuss Possible Sequel Ideas

Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin the two directors from id software talked at DICE 2017 about the possibility of a sequel to the game DOOM. The game Doom was revitalized in 2016 which took the game to a fresh new direction, the two directors mulled on the concept of a new sequel to the title. Marty Stratton, co-director of the game, said that they had left themselves with a really amazing canvas and a lot of colors to paint with going forward.

Although nothing was yet confirmed by either of the directors, they had both noted the continued support in the form of DLC for the game, the multiplayer component of the game in particular. Stratton said that he thinks the DLC that they did for the multiplayer is definitely the best of the multiplayer stuff that is out there. Stratton states that they will be sticking with the multiplayer. He says that they are keeping a close eye on what people are talking about as it is a huge informative for them going forward as published by Twinfinite.

Martin and Stratton reflected on DOOM’s popularity and what worked well for the game. They weaved those elements into talks for future installments of the franchise. During DOOM’s production, id Software was mindful of their audience and had created a narrative that was respective of their intelligence but made it in such a way that the audience will not know what was coming next. Martin said that there was no mystery to it so how do they make the story compelling.

Martin went on to explain that the key to DOOM’s story and gameplay structure was having a self-aware attitude. He said that the game knew that it was dumb and had celebrated the fact that the game itself was kind of stupid. Stratton added that it was really important for id Software to do something clever with DOOM and it was to be silly with the narrative and being completely obvious.

It seems that id Software plans to capitalize and hone in on these particular aspects of development and delivery that had made DOOM a unique addition the Doom franchise. After Doom 4 was discontinued, id Software designer Kevin Cloud and Marty Stratton discussed why it will bite the bullet. The game lacked personality and focus that had left the game having a more Call of Duty installment feel to it rather than one of its own series. For the reboot in 2016, a cohesive title was released with a lot of refocusing done. Stratton and Marty seem to know exactly what direction and how to bring about the next sequel for the Doom franchise as reported by GameRant.

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