3 Extraordinary Statistics You Didn´t Know About WhatsApp

WhatsApp reaches 1 billion monthly active users
Of every single messaging app, WhatsApp is probably the most popular right now, thanks to a lot of features that allow users to communicate in different ways. Photo : Webcertain TV/YouTube

Messaging app WhatsApp has become one of the greatest social media in the world right now, and is expected that its spontaneous growth is due to a lot of features that users patronize. Given this situation, and the way in which its popularity will keep being really high, here are the three most important statistics of WhatsApp that you should know.

WhatsApp Has More Than 1 Million Users

If users are the cornerstone of any kind of social media, WhatsApp can definitely show a lot of pride in this particular field, thanks to the fact that it has a staggering 1.2 billion monthly active users. In fact, the most incredible detail about this statistics is that unlike other social medias like Twitter, WhatsApp doesn't have too much risk in suffering a leak of users, meaning that its numbers won´t do more than rise up.

Believe it or not, WhatsApp announced back in February 2016 that over one billion people uses it, and the number has increased 20 percent since that moment. Also, it´s well known that most of WhatsApp users are millenials, which means that the messaging apps will maintain its numbers, thanks to the fact that young users are characterized for not leaving and switching to other platforms quite easily.

The wonderful thing about having 1.2 billion monthly users is that WhatsApp is among the few community-driven apps to have this kind of numbers, the others being YouTube, Facebook Messenger and Facebook. Including WhatsApp, this shows that three Mark Zuckerberg´s social media companies have billions of users.

Photos Are The Most Shared Files On WhatsApp

Since the existence of MySpace, pictures have been the most important element in almost every single social media platform, to the point in which some has been created only to exploit this phenomenon, like Twitter or Snapchat. Naturally, this is something that is also seen in WhatsApp, given the fact that photos are the most shared files within this platform.

Believe it or not, WhatsApp users across the world send more than 3.2 billion photos on the platform every single day, which is something that has doubled over the past year. This is something so incredible that even some social media that are focus on sharing pictures doesn't get near to these numbers. Also, other files that are characterized for being shared massively in WhatsApp are videos, to the point in which 760 million of it are exchanged and reproduced between users each day.

WhatsApp Users Shares 500 Million Of Voice Calls And Voice Messages

Although it´s known that WhatsApp users send over 50 billion messages every single day, people are starting to prefer other ways of communications,  It is reported that 100 million made voice calls every day, while 200 million prefers to send voice messages. Naturally, the gap remains colossal, but the rise of voice messaging and voice calls clearly suggests that chatting might enter into a downward spiral sooner than later, and WhatsApp already has the alternative.

In addition to these numbers, another interesting statistics about the messaging app is that 80 million GIFs are shared every single day within the platform. This represents a major success for WhatsApp, considering that this social media allowed users to use GIFs as messages just three months ago.

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