For Honor Guide: How To Level Up Fast

Sure everyone might say that success is a journey and not a destination. To conquer in For Honor, players must get the amazing gears that they can collect in the game. To get Rare, Heroic and Heroic Star gear, however, one needs to be at least a prestige or higher in level. To get there quick, here are a few tips and tricks on how to level up fast in For Honor.

How To Level Up Fast In For Honor

Amin Productions shared that the gears are highly essential every battle. They could give player advantage win the game. To level up quickly in For Honor, remember that when a player starts a game, they start at practice or tutorial. Completing tutorial will give the player 2000 Steel and the Advance Tutorial will reward 1500 - 3500 Steel in total, which is the main currency in For Honor.

Before starting a match, make sure that you are equipped with the Champion Status. This status boosts your experience by 25 percent and a bonus of 10 percent for others. These statuses stack so if you're playing with friends, make sure they have Champion Status as well to boost the experience that a player gains at 55 percent maximum.

Another way to gain considerable amounts of experience is to do contracts or daily orders. It is important for players to make sure to select the order of the Hero that they will use. It's also efficient to ask friends to select the same orders as the player.

Repetition Is Key In For Honor

Find out what kind of multiplayer game mode works efficiently. The faster a player finishes a game, the more efficient a player can become. A player must repeat the strategies that work for him. This is an efficient way of getting experience fast and leveling up in For Honor.

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