NO Trump Or Clinton In 'American Horror Story' Season 7

American Horror Story has always been addicted to fanciful events. Across its six seasons, it's covered with a haunted, murder-ambitious mansion, an alien-head-to-head psychiatric institute, an ancient witch gathering, a '50s freak show, and a reality show-style dive into the lost Roanoke colony. It came as a surprise, then, when showrunner Ryan Murphy opened up earlier that this season 7 would only focus on something a little bit realism: the 2016 presidential election.

Politically Driven Scene

As a politically motivated upcoming season, it's also a bit outside of Murphy's scope, as AHS tends to swerve toward the more campy and ridiculous. Still, last season's Roanoke proved Murphy has a proclivity for social sarcasm, and if you want a modern lurid experience, the 2016 election is certainly rich in source material - regardless of what side you're in favor on.

But now, as reported by IndieWire, Murphy clarified that AHS' next chapter won't be a literal understanding. While at the Publicists Guild Awards Luncheon in Beverly Hills on Friday, he told the viewers that President Donald Trump and his former democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, won't be in the show.

AHS Will Be Near Realism

However, he did make a joke out of the regular series Sarah Paulson would have delivered a spot-on take on Kellyanne Conway, Trump's aide. "Now as I look over at Sarah Paulson, I think of Kellyanne Conway. I don't know! I might be rewriting!" he teased. (So far, Paulson and fellow compilation favorite Evan Peters are the only broadcast cast members for AHS season 7.)

It's also a rather bold course, as AHS has a quite argumentative history when it comes to its audiences. Often, the seasons spark a "love it or hate it" response, and based on the discussions happening around politics off-screen, an AHS election story could very likely be its most conflict-ridden installment yet to anticipate.

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