‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 525 Spoilers: Who Is Zeref’s Son?

The back-to-back chapters 522 and 523 of "Fairy Tail" manga showed Zeref and Gray in an encounter, where Gray gave up his life in order to protect his friends. It's definitely a sad twist, but what's sadder is the fact that the manga is already in its final arc.

Droid Report said that it has been confirmed that that manga has reached its final arc. This means that the finale is just around the corner, so expect the future chapters to be more intense.

Acnologia's Story May Have To Wait A Little Longer

Chapter 524 titled "Black Future" follows Ancologia as he continues to threaten all of the guild members. The last part Chapter 523 hinted that a new figure will join the battle, and fans can see Ezra again. We saw Ezra during 519, and he hasn't been seen ever since.

Now for Chapter 525, it is said that Acnologia's story may have to wait a little bit longer. "Why Was His Majesty's Child Not Loved?" suggests that this chapter may not focus on Acnologia, and instead focus on the backstory of the unhappy childhood of a royal child, Games & Anime said.

Avid followers would know that the term "His Majesty" usually refers to Zeref. This means that the upcoming chapter may focus on Zeref's son. But the question is: who is his son? There are many speculations as to who this mysterious character is.

Who Is Zeref's Son? Is It August?

Some say that it's August. When a talk about family is brought up, he gets irritated. August has previously said that despite knowing all the magic there is, he does not know the unconditional love between parent and child. Also, his past is a mystery, and if he is Zeref's son, it would be easy to explain why not so much about his past life is known in "Fairy Tail."

The Curse of Ankhseram destroys anything that Zeref gets attached to emotionally, which explains why his son may not have felt a father's love - which leads us right back to August. Again, these are just speculations, but right now, his name just keeps on coming back to our list of possible Zeref offspring.

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