Brace Yourselves: 'Atmos Elephant Nike Air Max 1' Makes Comeback In March

Fans will be delighted to hear the good news that the “Holy Grail” of all Nike shoes, the Atmos Elephant, has finally returned after it was voted by patrons and merchandisers all over the world to make a return in this year’s Air Max Day.

During its first release in 2006, the Atmos Elephant model became iconic as it fetched up to $2,000 in deadstock condition. It was able to win over collectors because of its authentic design- a combination of elephant print overlays complemented by striking jade accents. However, despite its growing demand in the market, there is still no official release date from Nike announced to the public.

March 26- Air Max Day?

With anticipation growing rapidly for Nike’s hottest product of the moment, there are some experts who predicted that the day of all days for those wanting to get their hands on the Atmos Elephant will be on March 26, which is dubbed as Air Max DayOn the other hand, European retailers have it listed the Atmos Elephant for March 16.

Controversy Over Voting Of The Nike Vote Back

Over the years, Nike’s Vote Back has always been hounded by controversy.This serves as an opportunity for Nike fans to pick old Nike models which they want to be revived and improved in 2017. Usually, a few pairs ranked in first and second positions have been released in the market. Patrons can buy these models for decent prices.

As voting ended February 26, the Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant was miles ahead of other models because of its fans’ dedication and constant voting. And so, after more than eleven years since its original release in 2006, the Atmos Elephant is set to once again carve its own niche in the industry. Last year, Nike released its its self-lacing shoes which retails for $104,000.

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