Meryl Streep Trips Over In Her Blue Elie Saab Gown At Oscars Red Carpet

After spewing fire against U.S. President Donald Trump in her Golden Globe speech, three-time Academy Award winner Meryl Streep has found herself in another word war after Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld called her ‘cheap’ in a misunderstanding over what the veteran actor should have worn during the ceremony on Sunday night. Perhaps, the feud explains why Streep opted to wear a blue Elie Saab gown which she never regretted- or did she?

During her red carpet arrival, Streep was in all her graces as she walked around, wearing a big smile as she waved and threw kisses at fans, the press, and fellow actors. However, the unexpected came running about when Streep accidentally got her heel stuck in the gown. She tumbled for a while as she struggles to get her balance back, and thankfully, she did.

Meryl Streep Rescued by Male Pal

Streep was able to save herself from apparent embarrassment after a male friend lent a hand to help her get her balance. She was able to regain being steady on her feet, continued her walk and made her sweet escape with a big smile.

As the only actress to hold a record-breaking 20 nominations in the Academy Awards, Streep was an eye candy during the event. This year’s host Jimmy Kimmel even poked fun at Streep, calling her “overrated” like how Donald Trump responded to her criticism against him.

Now Infamous Elie Saab Gown

Because of the incident, the blue Elie Saab gown became much-talked about on all platforms of media. She almost suffered an embarrassing gaffe just a few hours after Lagerfeld revealed that Streep turned down the Chanel dress which was customized for her turn on the red carpet in favor of Elie Saab who would pay her to wear their gown. The actress even said that the controversy has even overshadowed Hollywood’s biggest night. The Academy Awards confirmed Meryl Streep as a presenter a few days before the awards night.

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