Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC Update: First Main Mission Featured In New Story Trailer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Second DLC pack finally went live today, which features a new story to the main campaign and characters. Apparently, fans are curious regarding the outcome of the story since the original villains from the main story were seemingly killed. However, a new story trailer has been released featuring how the devs adapt the story of Universe 6 to the player's created character in the game.

According to the report from The BitBag, a video was released by Saiyan Legends, which shows the original character being part of the Universe 7 representatives. The story works as the player's created character was selected by Supreme Kai of Time for the group of fighters that Beerus has formed to go against Champa's team. As of this writing, there are no clarifications regarding how long the story will be, but it at least will give those who are tired of Parallel Quests somewhat other things to do.

As seen on the new gameplay video, players noted that it was more challenging compared to the previous battles. In this story, players will team up with Piccolo as they take on the team composed of Cabba and Frost, the first two DLC characters. The created character is assigned to deal with Frost, who appears to be nice, but the cutscene reveals his evil nature.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting enough to witness if Frost, Cabba and Hit receive new variations since they are fought in this new story DLC. Perhaps, Hit won't receive one since his variation that was launched for free is similar to the ones used in the main storyline.

On the other hand, now that the second pack for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC arrives, players are excited looking forward to the third expansion pack. It is expected to add more known characters from the Dragon Ball Super series such as Black Goku in his Super Saiyan Rose form and Zamasu. Furthermore, fans also hope for a Super version of Future Trunks which his new transformation was a significant game changer for the story.

Meanwhile, a free DLC pack is now available for those players who are not concerned about paying for new content. The free expansion pack features new costumes from Android 13 and Bojack films. However, except the lead villains' attires. Lastly, the first two Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 expansion packs are available via the game's Season Pass for $29.99.


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