'Jane The Virgin' Spoiler: Rafael's New Girl Revealed; Will Abbey Be Jane's Enemy?

The upcoming episode of "Jane The Virgin" would provide a three-year jump starting from the time that the last episode ended. Sources revealed that the upcoming episodes of the series would get to introduce new characters, that would bring in some great twists and turns in the popular show. News reported that the new characters include the new girlfriend of Rafael. Plus, the show would also get to give a sneak peek of Abbey's life. Would she be a great friend to Jane?

'Jane The Virgin' Spoiler: Rafael's New Girlfriend Introduced

According to Romper, "Jane The Virgin" seems to give its viewer a new taste in the show. Publications admitted that the series would introduce Abbey again, the owner of the well-known greeting card company in Jane's place. It can be recalled that Abbey was introduced in the past episodes of the show but creators failed to dig deep into her life due to an unknown reason. However, the upcoming episode would show a great side of Abbey's life and daily situation. With this, fans are asking: would she be someone so important in the show? How would she affect Jane's life as time passed by?

'Jane The Virgin' News And Updates: Abbey Could Be Scott's Killer

Fans believed that if there is someone being introduced on the show, the character should be treated as an enemy unless proven innocent. It was remembered that when Jane's cousin was named on the series, everybody thought that she was evil. However, she proved herself good and trustworthy. The same thing goes with the new character of the show, Abbey.

As of this moment, viewers are somewhat trying to connect Scott's dead body to the introduction of Abbey's characters. Some believed that she could be the real person behind the character's death and Jane should be really careful about that. Meanwhile, Rafael and Abbey seems to be more intimate than ever as reports told that the two are getting real and public on the relationship.

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