‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers And Updates: Oliver Removed As Mayor? Prometheus’ Surprise Attack Threatens His Life?

In the last episode of "Arrows," Oliver Queen is on the verge of being impeached. Episode 14 has leaked some information that the city mayor has been hiding secrets that the Green Arrow is involved in the death of Billy Malone (Tyler Ritter). "Arrow" season 5 spoilers indicate that this could lead to the mayor's dismissal from his office in Star City.

Oliver Queen Has Kept Secrets That Could Destroy Him

The city mayor has no other recourse but to face the allegations that he covered up this information. According to some "Arrow" season 5 spoilers, this could be the greatest challenge that Queen will face in episode 15. There are also some speculations that Prometheus, the latest villain in the series, might have a hand in the matter.

The New Villain Could Have Leaked The Information

Prometheus could be the one that leaked this information to the press. Some "Arrow" season 5 spoilers suggest that this may a part of his plan to expose Queen's hidden secret as the Green Arrow, and then unseat him eventually if this secret is uncovered. The villain's overall purpose in doing this is to put down the hero.

The Origin Of This New Villain Is A Mystery

Some of the "Arrow" season 5 spoilers have speculated that the show will introduce new heroes as well as new villains faster that it did before. And fans have witnessed this in the past episodes. It seems the Prometheus, the new villain, is at the center of it all. However, his origin is still pretty much unclear at this time.

He Is Basically A Copy-Cat

What some "Arrow" season 5 spoilers have indicated is that he is basically a copy-cat of the Green Arrow. Prometheus practically fights like Queen and is also skilled in the art of archery. However, he wears a twisted version of the Green Arrow's costume.

The Character Of This Villain Was Copied From Other Criminals

Wendy Mericle, showrunner of "Arrow" shared some information about the mysterious Prometheus in a recent interview. She said they looked at a number of criminals in "The Usual Suspects," "American Psycho," and "Seven." Some "Arrow" season 5 spoilers suggest that she meant that they cobbled up the character of Prometheus from the protagonists of these movies. The video below will show what this new villain can do to Oliver Queen.

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