NBA Rumors: LeBron James And Cavaliers On Pins And Needles About Celtics Getting Jimmy Butler Or Paul George? Knicks Waived Brandon Jennings?

Recent NBA rumors indicate that LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers were anxious in the days leading to the trade deadline. It seems they religiously monitored ongoing transactions between the trading teams. This was revealed in the recent podcast of cited by a member of a sports network.

What Are The Cavs Worrying About?

Zach Lowe of ESPN quoted Brian Windhorst in a recent podcast of The Lowe Post that seemed to support these NBA rumors. According to Lowe, Windhorst said that the Cavs were "on pins and needles" regarding Jimmy Butler or Paul George going to the Boston Celtics. Windhorst made it appear that the Cavs are thinking of trading Kevin Love if it was Butler, Al Horford, or Isaiah Thomas are out there.

Could It Be That Their Opponents Are Getting Stronger?

Unfortunately, Windhorst did not provide any of his sources. But it is obvious that the Cavs are worried that their opponents are getting stronger. It is not a matter of being contented with their current roster. There are also some NBA rumors that they are pursuing Carmelo Anthony but would not like to give up Kevin Love.

The Knicks Have Waived Brandon Jennings' Contract

Fresh NBA rumors also surfaced this week involving Brandon Jennings of the New York Knicks. The contract of the point guard has just been waived by the Knicks so Jennings will soon become a free agent upon clearing his waivers. According to Stan Van Gundy, head coach of the Detroit Pistons, Jennings will likely sign up with the Charlotte Hornets.

Will Jennings Sign Up With The Hornets?

Gundy knows Jennings quite well because the point guard has played for the Pistons since 2013 up to the present. As president of the Pistons' basketball operations, he is also very much into the trade deals of its players. But Jennings must clear waivers before he can sign with the Hornets. According to some reports, the Hornets do not have the cap room or an exception clause to sign the point guard.

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