Pokemon GO Has Once Again Hit A New Milestone

Pokemon GO has been a series of ups and downs. In the past, many have complained due to its lack of endgame content and/or features. Just recently, though, Niantic released a new set of Pokemon along with some of the features fans were hoping for. Since then, the reception of the game has steadily recovered. Heck, if not for it, it wouldn't reach a new milestone.

According to Polygon, the titular mobile game app Pokemon GO has a new milestone to share with the entire industry. This is being downloaded for more than 650 million times. The announcement was made by the studio during the event called Google Developer Day. The later took place at the 2017 Game Developers Conference.

Apparently, though, the aforementioned figure isn't entirely a new hit for Pokemon GO. In the past, just a couple of weeks following its launching, the game was able to amass 500 million downloads, more or less. So, in a sense, the number of people interested in playing the game has gradually slowed. Not entirely significant, but at least there's an evident increase.

During the aforementioned event, Niantic's very own Phil Keslin (the chief technology officer of Pokemon GO) revealed the studio's plans in keeping the game's momentum. In one way or another, they plan to release regular content updates in hopes to keep the fuel burning. This process has actually been evident through the release of 80 new pocket creatures. This introduction also saw the arrival of new features as well as a new event.

Speaking of features, a new one is said to be arriving at Pokemon GO sooner or later. It's no other than the Trading Feature. In a report from Droid Report, data miners were able to acquire traces of the said features in the latest update of the game. They believe that this is Niantic's way for prepping the game for its arrival. This feature may be introduced via an update, which is the most realistic direction.

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