‘One Piece’ Episode 778 Recap, Update: Carrot Appears On The Sunny; Filler Episode Features Bonus Narratives Of Other Characters

In the previous installment of "One Piece" episode 778, Carrot went aboard the Thousand Sunny although she was not invited by the crew. Luffy and his comrades are on their way to Big Mom's territory to rescue Sanji. Therefore, Carrot is actually a stow-away on this trip.

Carrot Can Unleash Her Electro Powers

The title of "One Piece" episode 778 is "To The Reverie - Rebecca and the Sakura Kingdom." Carrot is one of the fighting musketeers who serve under the Dukes of Zou. She is also the Mink people's resident bunny. Although she is small, she is able to deliver "electro" powers that can overcome a bigger foe.

She Could Have Killed Luffy

In "One Piece" episode 778, she is able to convince the Pirates to join their journey to Big Mom's island. However, Luffy and Carrot did not start on the right foot. The musketeer saw Luffy eating her carrot and went on the attack. Luffy could have been killed by Carrot if not for the timely intervention of a crew mate.

Nami Showed Luffy How Carrot Can Be Controlled

While Carrot's strong teeth are biting Luffy's neck, Nami told him to pat Carrot's head to pacify the mink fighter. Feeling the pat on her head, Carrot released her teeth's grip on Luffy's Neck. The pirate heaved a sigh of relief and told Carrot that she could have killed him.

"One Piece" Episode 778 Featured Backstories Of Old Characters

After these crazy events, "One Piece" episode 778 goes on to feature a montage clip that showed the Alabasta and Fishman Islands. This episode was also able to show an impressive remake of the Drum Island arc. Its current name is Sakura Kingdom and occupies a seat in the Reverie. This episode also featured the tragic backstory of Chopper, particularly the death of Dr. Hiriluk, his mentor.

It Also Featured The Story Of Wapol

"One Piece" episode 778 also featured Wapol, the former king of Drum. He is now preparing himself to represent his new country, the Evil Black Drum in the Reverie. This episode created a beautiful animation of the manga cover story of Wapol. It also gave fans some bonus narratives of several characters that they have not seen in a while.

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