‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: Sam And Dean Joining The British Men Of Letters?

In "Supernatural" season 12 episode 13, Mary (Samantha Smith) finally revealed her connection with the British Men of Letters to her sons Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). She did this to convince the two to join forces with the organization. However, the two brothers are still suspicious of the secret network.

Sam And Dean Were Shocked

Sam and Dean were shocked with their mom's revelations that she was working all along with these men. "Supernatural" season 12 episode 14 looks like its heroes will go back to the roots in dealing against their present enemy, the Vampires. There are also some indications that the two brothers have to think of something to save their mother.

Mary Believes The Hunting Strategies Of The BMOL Are Better

In "Supernatural" season 12 episode 14, Mary will continue trying to convince her sons to join the British Men of Letters. She will show Sam and Dean that the strategies and methods used by this network of men in hunting malevolent supernatural beings are better than theirs. Some scenes of the trailer showed mother and sons' meeting with this secret society.

The Brothers May Be Convinced To Join

If at first, the two brothers seem to be wary of the idea, it seems the trailer shows that they might change their minds. That means their mom will be successful in convincing them to "join the navy" in "Supernatural" season 12 episode 14. Could the possibility of their mom being in danger also factor in their decision to commit to the group?

Mom And Sons Will Be Fighting Together

The title of "Supernatural" season 12 episode 14 is "The Raid." This episode will feature Sam and Dean's hunt for the vampires. However, the leader of the vampires will show up and jeopardize the hunters' operations. A trailer for this upcoming episode shows Sam and Mary fighting their opponents together.

But It Is Not Yet Sure

It remains uncertain if "Supernatural" season 12 episode 14 will see Sam and Dean joining the British Men of Letters. They may if their mother's life is at stake. Fans can get a taste of the upcoming episode by watching the teaser trailer below.

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