‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers And Updates: Dean Bewitched, Forgets Everything; Winchester Brothers Get Entangled With British Secret Organization?

Dean (Jensen Ackles) appears to have lost his memory in episode 11 of "Supernatural" season 12. He apparently was under an enchantment that rapidly removes his memory. It might have started when he was in the forest running after a wounded man. That man placed him under his spell.

Dean Rapidly Loses His Memory

The day after, Dean could not remember anything that had happened to him. His younger brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) thought that he was just suffering from a hangover. But they didn't know that Dean will be trapped in a memory loop where he would be acting like a care-free child.

They went about doing whatever is needed in the present case they are investigating. However, Dean's memory seems to be failing for he can't remember anything that they've already done. Sam got worried and asked the help of Rowena (Ruth Connell). She told them to find the witch who cast the spell and kill him.

Rowena Helped Sam Fix Dean's Mind in "Supernatural" Season 12

Rowena must fix Dean's mind soon for if he continues to be this way, he will not only forget his younger brother but probably himself as well. But when they retraced the steps taken by Dean the day before, they found out that the witch was already dead.

Rowena found out the spell came from an ancient family called the Black Gilmore. This family possesses a book of spells and they must find this book in order to free Dean from the enchantment. If they don't, Dean will even forget how to eat and die as a result. With the help of Rowena, Sam was able to track the witch family, shoot two of the sorcerers and used the book of spells to break the enchantment in Dean's mind.

The Brothers Will Be Involved With A Secret British Society

The upcoming episode of "Supernatural" Season 12 will feature Castiel (Misha Collins) asking the help of Dean, Sam and Rowena in a case she's handling. But she failed to inform them that the British Men of Letters are involved in the case. This is a secret organization that discovers and chronicles supernatural occurrences, mysteries and such like. Will this be good or bad for the brothers?

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