Top 3 Hottest Video Games Of All Time Unveiled

By Noli Teves , Feb 28, 2017 04:50 AM EST

It has been proven time and time again that there are some video games that will never be forgotten. These games are the ones that will stand the tests of time, thanks to the x-factor that these have.

Here are some of the hottest, most popular and most successful games of all-time:

1. Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves

Naughty Dog has indeed mastered making "Uncharted" games. However "Uncharted 2: Amongst Thieves" simply stands out from the rest.

This is mainly because of the revolutionary third-person shooting gameplay it has introduced in the industry. It has broken off from the traditional and usual shooting gameplays of other franchises.

Getting to have a unique identity is thus its secret to success. It is also undeniable that its interesting and lovable characters are unforgettable.

2. Call of Duty: World at War

"Call of Duty: World at War" is perhaps the most successful and most popular Call of Duty game of all-time. Having sold more than 15 million units globally, it sure is one heck of a phenomenon.

According to The Star, having focused on a multitude of World War II environments, spanning across the Atlantic, down to the war-torn Europe, and to Asia, it has indeed surpassed the level of expectation most shooter games had way back then. It has opened new beginnings and standards for consequent shooter games in the industry.

3. Shadow of the Colossus

Fumito is indeed plain genius as it unveiled to the world the "Shadow of Colossus". It being a game designed for the PlayStation 2 and later in the PlayStation 3 made it a big hit.

According to Our Midland, its own gameplay is indeed unheard of, making it an unorthodox kind of game. With feature boss battles being featured throughout the course of the gameplay, it sure had taken the attention and focus of the gaming community.

With all of these being said, it is very evident that video games have a big factor in everyone's lives. It would surely be interesting to know if these legendary video games will be overtaken by new ones. Players just need to find out in the near future.

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