‘Berserk' Anime Season 2 Premieres This April; New Visual Released

It has just been announced that the new season of the anime series, “Berserk” will be making its premiere this April. The official website for the said anime series has released the officially scheduled dates of release. Aside from the dates, additional details such as the new key visual and the cast have also been announced.

Berserk” has been confirmed for the second season and the new installment will make its debut with the airing of its first two new episodes. The said anime series will make its premiere with an on-air schedule in Japan on April 7 on television channels MBS and WOWOW. It will also be aired on another television channel, BS-TBS and on a streaming platform, dAnime Store on April 8.

The new key visual for the anime’s second season that was just released featured the main character, Guts, who is also known as the Black Swordsman. Along with him are the rest of the characters that will be playing vital roles in the season’s plot. “Berserk” Season 2 is reportedly a sequel to the anime’s “Golden Age Arc” film trilogy.

It will be following the story arc, Falcon of the Millenium Empire Arc. The new season of “Berserk” will kick off with the manga story, Conviction, which started in chapter 115. It will be introducing new characters Puck, Isidro, Farnese, and Serpico who will be voiced by Kaoru Mizuhara, Hiro Shimono, Yoko Hikasa, and Kazuyuki Okitsu respectively. Unlike the anime’s first season, which used traditional animation, the new season will be making use of computer graphic imagery (CGI) animation.

Aside from the old cast who will be returning for this season, the new cast has been added as well. The main voice cast will also include Hiroaki Iwanaga, Toa Yukinari, Chiwa Saito, Satomi Arai, Sumi Shimamoto, Kenta Miyake, Yoshino Nano, Takahiro Sakurai, and Akio Ohtsuka. Unshou Ishizuka will be narrating the said anime series.

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