Netflix Reveals 'Bright' Trailer; Will Smith Mingles With Orcs, Fairies, And Elves

Netflix has just dropped a trailer for one of its upcoming original films. The first teaser for “Bright” has just been released and it looks promising for another fantasy-centered movie. It stars Will Smith in an all new cop adventure that involves orcs, fairies, and elves.

The new trailer for “Bright” starts off by introducing the city where the story is set in while the popular American folk song by Woody Guthrie, “This Land Is Your Land” is being played. It heads on to introduce Will Smith and the rest of the characters. Something about the trailer says that the peace will not last long and things—something magical, are about to go down.

Veteran actor, Will Smith stars in this Netflix original film along with Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, and Lucy Fry. The synopsis of the movie did not give away that much details but it did state that the main characters named, Scott Ward and Nick Jakoby will encounter a darkness during one of their nightly patrol routines and that it will alter the future and the world as they know it.

Smith’s character, Scott Ward, is a human cop who works with other species. His partner, Nick Jakoby, who was teased in the trailer, is the first Orc cop. Based on the characters of the film, they will be crossing paths with a young elf with powers. The movie even has a magic division for the FBI.

Despite how it looks, they have described “Bright” to be a contemporary cop thriller that has the elements of a fantasy genre. The movie will be directed by David Ayer, who has worked on “Suicide Squad". "Bright" is rather infamous because Netflix has reportedly shelled out at least $90 million for it. The filming for “Bright” was just completed earlier this month and it is slated to premiere in December 2017.

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