Netflix Series And Movies To Watch Out For In March 2017: 'Iron Fist', 'The Discovery', And More

With just a few days left before February says goodbye again, Netflix has revealed the list of series and movies that will be made available for streaming and download in March 2017. Along with the release of new series, recent movies will also be streamed. Here are the must-watch titles to check out.

Marvel series, “Iron Fist” will be making its premiere on March 13. It introduces the main character named Danny Rand, who goes by the name Iron Fist. The said character will also be starring in another Marvel series, “The Defenders” along with other popular characters namely Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil, who all have their own standalone series on Netflix. “Iron Fist”, which has been set to air 13 episodes, stars Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, David Wenham, and Jessica Stroup.

Another title to check out is “13 Reasons Why”, a new series that is adapted from the book of the same title, authored by Jay Asher. The said drama series is produced by pop singer Selena Gomez and it will be released on March 31 with 13 episodes. The series follows the story of a teenager named Clay Jensen, who turned out to be one of the reasons why his classmate, Hannah Baker, committed suicide.

“The Discovery” is a romantic science fiction film that made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2017 and it will be released on Netflix on March 31. The movie unravels the world where the existence of an afterlife has been proven and the story focuses on a young man who fell in love with a woman with a tragic past. “The Discovery” boasts a cast that includes Jason Segel, Rooney Mara, and Jesse Plemons.

Aside from the aforementioned titles, other recent productions will be available on Netflix such as “Pete’s Dragon” on March 14, “The BFG” on March 15, and “Better Call Saul” Season 2 on March 27. Be sure to check out classic titles like “Jurassic Park” and “Memento" on March 1 and “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” on March 24. With new titles coming in, Netflix will also be removing some within the next month, including the three “Jaws” films, “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey” and “Iron Man”.

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