Peter Thiel´s Book Became The Cornerstone Of Trump´s Campaign

Venture capitalist Peter Thiel is increasing his power and influence in the White House since it´s believed that his famous tech book has been the cornerstone in Donald Trump´s campaign.  It is noteworthy that his knowledge and position on the President´s council team has turned him into a man of key decisions in the administration.

Peter Thiel Has Been Called ´The Shadow President´

Apparently, his tech book "Zero to One," which was considered as a tech manifesto, was so important among the president´s team during the campaign.  Consequently, they decided to execute some of the entrepreneurship advices in order to make marketing strategies that according to several analysts, was also a decisive element to get him elected.

Also, some important media as Politico explained that his influence as an advisory council is too huge that many employees called him "the shadow president." In fact, many considers that this is something which consequences to the tech world remains unknown, because even when Peter Thiel is one of the most successful members of Silicon Valley, his support for Donald Trump created major conflicts between him and many others prominent figures in the tech business.

Peter Thiel´s Palantir Represents A Key Element

Another interesting detail about Peter Thiel´s power in the White House, is that Trae Stephen might be under his sphere of influence. In fact, he oversaw the Defense Department transition for the president, after many years at Thiel´s data and cyber security start-up Palantir, which was recently involved in the development of an NSA´s spy programmee.

A particular detail that has created a lot of controversy is that Stephens, apparently, made strange comments and questions about saving some money on defense procurements, which seems quite suspicious considering that Peter Thiel´s ´Palantir receives millions of dollars every single year from the federal government. Although Donald Trump´s relationship with Silicon Valley has been characterized for being extremely rough, it seems that one of its most prominent leaders has become his right hand.

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