The Division: Last Stand DLC Launches On All Platforms

Ubisoft has announced that The Division’s third and final expansion, Last Stand, launches on Feb 28 on all platforms alongside the new 1.6 update. The new update and the expansion will launch on all platforms simultaneously as opposed to when the first two expansions, Underground and Survival, which was first launched on Xbox One and PC before coming to PS4.

The Last Stand expansion has the more challenging Dark Zone North area as well as the Last Stand which is a PvP mode. The mode which is basically organized PvP which pits teams of eight against each other in the Dark Zone and supports matchmaking. Stolen Signal which is a new incursion is also included.

New Contamination events are added with the free 1.6 update. These events are set inside a Dark Zone underground location. New landmarks and more exotic weapons are also included in the update. With the update, players can play an ultra-difficult Legendary mode that is aimed at top players, also it has a Dark Zone leaderboard.

The Last Stand will be included with The Division’s $40 DLC pass. Purchasers can expect to pay $15 if standalone pricing follows the two previous add-ons. Ubisoft will also launch a free trial version of The Division tomorrow for all systems. The trial is the full version of the game but it caps players at level eight and can only be played for six hours. All progress made in the trial version will be moved to the full game if the players decide to purchase the game as reported by GameSpot.

It is worth noting that the Last Stand DLC and the new patch will be available to download about an hour into maintenance. Players should be able to update their game well ahead of it coming back online. Patch 1.6 has seen a number of iterations during the testing phase. So far, it is the game’s biggest as published by VG 24/7.

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