This GTA 5 Mod Will Bring Some Vice City Memories Back

Without a doubt, GTA 5 is among the biggest games of recent memory. And to think, this title has been in existence for quite some time now. It only goes to show just how great Rockstar Games in the industry. One of the things players love about this title is the great selection of mods. Well, this one here is worth checking out.

According to VG247, a certain GTA 5 mod will bring players to a very exciting experience. It allows them to fly to Vice City with ease. Think of it as a quick plane ride for fans who to relive the beauty of this town. And take note, it's pretty easy to utilize.

The aforementioned GTA 5 mod is under development by Crotainment Games. It basically drops in the said city, giving fans a quick ride from Point A to Point B. The mod is also set to port III era maps from the Liberty City (the ones featured in both III and LCS). By doing so, it's able to add the elements onto the existing map of either Blaine County or Los Santos -- or even both.

Unfortunately, though, this GTA 5 mod is yet to be fully available. Players won't still be able to download it just yet. That's because the people behind this mod is still fixing a couple of things. They simply want to get the work done prior to making it available to the community. As soon as the final version is unleashed, players can expect other stuff. This includes, but not limited to, cars and pedestrians walking.

For GTA 5 players who are fond of the Vice City, the said mod is definitely a huge treat. In the mod's official forum, the modder, as well as the interested players, are exchanging ideas in what possibly be a new set of features for the mod. To get a glimpse of it, see the video embedded below:

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