YouTube Gets One Billion Hours Worth Of Views Per Day

By Justin Lee , Feb 28, 2017 12:38 PM EST

YouTube has recently disclosed its most updated statistics and the internet giant claims that its website gets one billion hours worth of views per day. In a blog post, YouTube's VP of Engineering, Cristos Goodrow, has expressed his pride and gratitude for the website's success. He says that this achievement indicates the enjoyment people get from the site.

As per Goodrow's blog post, he focused on how much time one billion hours is. He says that if one were to sit and watch YouTube for a billion hours, this means spending 100,000 years watching videos. The VP then compared that amount of time to actual earth years, saying that 100,000 years ago, mammoths and mastodons still roamed the Earth.

Needless to say, this new data is a big deal for the company not only for the fact that it has reached the magic billion-hour mark. It is also worth noting that the company has also taken a giant leap from its views-statistics from the previous years. As per Neowin, the recorded YouTube stats in 2012 was only 100 million hours, which shows the company's significant boost in just a span of four years.

Goodrow says that this milestone represents the enjoyment that people all over globe get from watching different YouTube videos. The VP also acknowledged the different reasons why people spend so much time streaming in YouTube. He says that people use the website to reward their curiosity, discover music, catch up with the trend, connect with their favorite celebs and keep up with the news. The VP's post also went on to thank the viewers for helping the company reach this level of success.

Nevertheless, this achievement isn't the only milestone in YouTube's business. Added details from the website itself say that YouTube has over one billion users right now and the company has more than 88 local versions worldwide. There are also 76 languages that users can choose from at this point in time.

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