For Honor Character Guide: Mastering Raider

The Raider in For Honor is a pretty straightforward hero with not many complicated move sets. If the Warlord's bread and butter are the counter-attacks, the Raider key moves are stuns and knockdowns. He wields a two-handed heavy axe that can deal a lot of damage. His long range is also an advantage. Some might misunderstand this hulking creature so here's a guide how to master the Raider in For Honor.

Mastering The Raider In For Honor

The Raider's straightforward moves and attacks may be due to the potential damage that he can inflict to an enemy in For Honor. According to YouTuber Baby Sloth, landing three heavy attacks against an enemy may ensure their death, especially against a squishy character like the Peacekeeper. However, the raider is not without cons.

His attacks are slow and highly predictable, which balances out the high damage he can dish out. He also has a limited move set, but if these moves are used effectively then the Raider can surely win in any game mode in For Honor. One tip Baby Sloth shared is to utilize the Raider's throws since he can throw an enemy at a great distance.

To use the Raider effectively in For Honor, channel his aggressive tendencies and put pressure against the enemy by closing the distance often. One good move to get in close is the Stampede Charge but since he is slow, this move can easily be noticed and dodged. Timing the attacks well and using his Unblockable attack will put enough pressure on the enemy to ensure a win.

Raider's Playstyle In For Honor

Raiders can't go solo unlike the Warlord in For Honor during the 4x4 Dominion game mode. Take note of the surrounding and watch out for ledges to throw people off. As a Raider, it's better to Raid with allies instead of going up against multiple enemies at once.

The Raider is deadly in 4v4 and 2v2 because of his damage, long range, and wide reach. He can swap between opponents and get some hits to have an early advantage. For 1v1, it's all about the stuns and the insane heavy attacks.

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