Apple iOS 7 Release Date Approaching? Testing Shows Websites Getting Traffic From OS

Apple has yet to unveil iOS 7 but hints that the company is running tests on the new software can be found in website traffic. The company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is expected to be the venue at which iOS 7 is officially revealed.

But Onswipe, a website with the goal of making other websites more tablet-friendly, saw a spike in traffic from users with iOS 7.

The data released shows that most of the iOS 7 users were from San Francisco and Cupertino, accounting for 18.75 and 17.9 percent of the traffic with the new software.

On May 2, the site showed that 23 percent of traffic from all iOS devices were running iOS 7.

iPhones made up 75 percent of that, with iPads taking the last 25 percent.

Onswipe reports that iOS 7 users looked at a variety of things while running the future update, including Apple’s struggle on the stock market and Kid Cudi.

MacRumors has also seen more traffic from users with the software.

The site also speculates that iOS 7 will be revealed alongside OS X 10.9 at WWDC. They also said that the release of iOS 7 would likely coincide with the newest iPhone hardware, meaning iPhone 6 or more likely iPhone 5S.

It is rumored that iOS 7, along with iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S, will have full HD FaceTime video calls.

But the iPhone 5S and beyond will be the only phones capable of the new feature because it has the 1080p-capable camera.

iOS 7 has previously been speculated to hit the ground in September. This means that the iPhone 5S could get a simultaneous announcement and release.

With new traffic showing up on websites indicating iOS 7 usage, it is hard not to imagine hearing news from Apple in the very near future.

Apple will present at WWDC on June 14.

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