Battlefield 1 DLC Update: DICE Revealed All Four Future DLC For The Game

The first of the four expansion DLCs of Battlefield 1 is called They Shall Not Pass, and it will arrive within the month of March. DICE is the studio that is in charge of the long-standing fps franchise, and they have finally revealed the details about what the Battlefield 1 player base can experience related to the future content for the game.

According to the recently published post, the Battlefield 1 player base can experience the addition of naval battle, snow maps, as well as the inclusion of different weapons in the future expansion releases. They Shall Not Pass DLC can allow one of the fiercest armies in WW1, which are the French. The players can participate in the savage fighting around the furnace of Verdun, and they can descend into the bowels of Fort de Vaux. They can encounter the harshest battles that will happen in the gas-filled corridors. The players can also take part in a huge tank assault of the war that has occurred in the Aisne riverbanks.

In The Name of the Tsar will allow players to enter into the large front of the WW1 together with the Russian Army. They also have to take part in a ride in Galicia together with the legendary Hussars at the Brusilov offensive. According to Attack of the Fan Boy, they also have to experience the battles of the Albion assault in a frozen archipelago and partake in a fight amidst the snowy ravines of the deceitful Lupkow Pass.

In the Turning Tides, the players have to participate in the amphibious warfare of WW1. They have to also go on with the new destroyer into intense tactical naval clashes. In the Apocalypse, the players can go into the notable battles of WW1. DICE will also be offering a free trial of Battlefield 1 on the PC and Xbox One platforms during March 3 to 5.


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