James Bond 25 Movie Latest Spoilers, Updates: Daniel Craig Will Start Shooting In Croatia At End Of 2017?

Will it be Daniel Craig or some younger guy who will do the upcoming James Bond 25 movie? Fans of one of the most famous franchise films in the history of movie-making will soon know. There are some rumors and spoilers that suggest he would still be playing the role. Many fans are crossing their fingers.

Filming Of The James Bond 25 Movie Will Commence In Croatia

There is one sure thing about the James Bond 25 movie: the producers will continue filming the movie whether Craig accepts the role or not. That means despite the uncertainty, the movie seems to be on the right track. The producers revealed that they are planning to start filming in Croatia at the end of 2017.

Did Craig Reversed His Previous Statements

Things are also looking positive with matters relating to Craig. A few months ago, he gave a hint that he is not very keen on doing the James Bond 25 movie. That resulted in a lot of rumors as to who can rightfully take his place. However, it seems that Craig has reversed his statements lately. He may yet be persuaded to play the suave, lady-killer secret agent.

Craig Can Make The Movie A Hit, Again

With Craig on the lead role, the forthcoming James Bond 25 movie is sure to be a global hit once again. And this is just what the producers are thinking of. Despite considering established names like Tom Hiddleston and Theo James, they are still hooked on Craig since he has already proven his worth.

MGM And Sony Prefer Craig

MGM and Sony have issued clear statements that they would want Craig to reprise his role in the James Bond 25 movie. It now appears that their wishes may be granted based on Craig's recent statements. In an interview with the Vulture, Craig said, "If I were to stop doing it, I would miss it terribly."

Negotiations Are Already In An Advanced Stage

As far as the shooting in Croatia is concerned, Eon Productions said that negotiations are going on for the shooting of the James Bond 25 movie. The Dubrovnik city mayor made the announcement at a press conference that 007 is probably heading to Croatia. He said the James Bond negotiation is already in an advanced stage.

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