‘James Bond’ Spoilers, News And Updates: Ryan Gosling To Replace Daniel Craig As Agent 007? Author Ian Fleming Charged With Plagiarism?

Fans of James Bond movies have been eagerly waiting for some news about the next sequel of the successful movie franchise. A recent rumor that a new actor has been chosen to play the iconic British secret agent will give them assurance that the next installment is really on its way. But it could also mean that Daniel Craig will not be returning to reprise his role.

There Is A New James Bond Candidate

The rumored new James Bond is Ryan Gosling. If he is officially confirmed as the new 007, he will replace Craig who might leave the show for good. There are also some speculations that say the next installment of the franchise will premiere sometime in 2018. But it seems that things are now moving fast, and the movie might be released sooner than later.

Concerning the actor who will play James Bond, Gosling has surfaced as the new likely candidate. He is seen as the perfect alternative to Craig since he has the looks, the charm and the mysterious aura required by the character. But as been noted by many fans of the franchise, there are many contenders for the role. It could still be anyone of them until an official announcement comes from the producers that Gosling is the one.

Fans Can Guess The Plot Of The Upcoming Installment

Although the movie is still in its early stages of development, fans can guess, by the comments of the James Bond film producers, what the general story line of the next installment will be. The plot of the upcoming movie could be hinted by the answer to the question: "What are you afraid of?" All Bond movies of the past have dwelt on the subject of what threatens the world and how Bond will save the day.

Meanwhile, there is a controversy surrounding the author and creator of the original James Bond movie. Ian Fleming is being charged with plagiarism. Apparently, the people who are bringing up the charges have proof that Fleming has plagiarized the work of another author. Will these charges have any adverse effects on the future of James Bond films? Only time will tell. Watch the trailer of Gosling's recent movie "La La Land" below.

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