NASA's UFO Mystery: The Truth About ISS Surveillance Blackouts

NASA's UFO mystery footage taken at the ISS continues to hound the space agency as more alien conspiracy theories come up online. NASA have been accused of covering up surveillance videos which allegedly capture fast-flying glowing orbs at a close distance with the space station. In the latest UFO video, an astronaut on a space walk have blocked out with his hand a flying object that came into camera, at which point, NASA cut the live stream, quickly replacing it with a view of the station's briefing room.

The footage was aired live on January 20 when the cut happened. NASA immediately broadcasted the message that the space station’s High Definition Earth Viewing experiment was either “switching cameras” or experiencing a “temporary loss of signal”. Wild conspiracy ideas have come up as explanations for the suspicious blackout.

The most popular claim about NASA's UFO mystery is that the ISS is watched almost daily by UFOs, but the space agency wants to keep it from the public. Some online bloggers like to remind that the January 20 incident was not the first time NASA has cut footage during an alleged UFO sighting, the reports. Some speculations include alien spacecrafts or even secret space age military technology being tested by the US Government.

Online blogger, Bright Insight, says that he has seen at least a dozen of times where a video feed with UFO of some sort coming close to the International Space Station just get cut all of a sudden. He then explains that these are common anomalies that appear on camera. These happen after light refracts inside the lens - meaning there is actually nothing there, the Daily Express reports.

NASA's UFO mystery can actually be explained by a well known common effect in many ISS live feeds. Experts say that these mysterious images are actually caused by lens flares. As it turns out, the truth is a lot less exciting, despite several people claiming that it was all part of an ongoing cover up.

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