NASA's Twitter Has Funny Name Ideas For New Planets

NASA's Twitter blew up with some funny name ideas of the new planets after the US space agency lightheartedly asked people to help name them. Some Twitter users have really stepped up their planet naming skills by suggesting Planet McPlanetface as one of the new planet's name. The plethora of hilarious name ideas have definitely shown how excited people are with the latest space discovery.

Not so long ago, the same thing happened when the British government allowed the public to name its new polar exploration ship. Somebody suggested Boaty McBoatface was a good idea, and it became the people's favorite. Thankfully, Britain did not go for it, otherwise, a 235 million euro polar research vessel would have been the source of jokes for generations to come.

So in the spirit of oneness, NASA allowed Twitter users to try to christen the seven rocky Earth-like planets, most likely just for fun. According to the Konbini United Kingdom, in a single tweet with hashtag #7namesfor7newplanets, floods of hilarious names came pouring in. It's not a surprise some Twitter users took their naming inspiration from beloved fictional characters such found in the seven Harry Potter books, or from the Game of Thrones, the Fast and the Furious saga, The Simpson's, and Star Wars.

According to The Huffington Post, in NASA's Twitter feeds are also some trolling of President Donald Trump with the inevitable Trump references – "Far from Trump-1, Far From Trump-2...". While many of the amusing ideas have gone viral, the chance is small that any of them will actually end up being used to identify one of the Trappist-1 solar system's planets, which are located 39 light years away. The International Astronomical Union actually decides what names to give astronomical objects, but people can always dream that Planet McPlanetface can be an official planet name.

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