The Nintendo Switch: Its Issues & Benefits

When the Wii U was released in 2012, it did not do well as Nintendo had hoped. The console was relatively complicated and it was not what the general public was expecting. The Nintendo Switch is important because it might be the device to change things up for the company, but some individuals are likely to still be skeptical about picking up a unit.

The Nintendo Switch: What's Wrong With It?

As Forbes  noted, the Nintendo Switch does come with its set of drawbacks, much like all other devices. Some reviews have reported that the Joy-Con controller desyncs when in docked mode, while others have complained about the console's relatively flimsy dock. In addition, there have been claims of slower frame rates. And while this might be caused by a complicated game such as "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild," a console should be able to handle these things.

The New York Times also reported that its Nintendo Switch did not boot up despite being fully charged. The publication suspected that there was a software freeze while the console was in sleep mode. Nintendo, on its part, has gone on the record to say that a software update that will be released soon will improve the entire system's stability.

The Nintendo Switch: What's The Good?

Despite its handful of bugs, however, the Nintendo Switch has been generally well received by various individuals in the industry. Aesthetically, the console is pleasing to look at, evidently sleek and comfortable to hold. The Joy-Con controllers also offer notable haptic feedback and despite its relatively odd design, it works well for the overall game setup.

Reports have also praised the motion control features of the Nintendo Switch, which allow players to be more immersed in the games that are being played. But while the technology could have been blown out of proportion, the company applied the same flawlessly. The overall feeling is a subtle and almost completely natural.

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