Man of Steel News: Henry Cavill Talks Kryptonite Spoilers, New Superman Trailer (Video)

It seems each new Man of Steel trailer is better than the one that precedes it. The third theatrical Man of Steel trailer turned even the most hardened cynics into Superman supporters, and the latest TV spot, which you can view at the bottom of this page, definitely does not disappoint.

We reported back in April that Man of Steel was slated to be the first Superman film in which Kryptonite isn't Kal-El's greatest weakness.

"I'll be honest with you, there's no Kryptonite in the movie," Zack Snyder said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Now the film's star, Henry Cavill, has gone on record with sort-of a Man of Steel spoiler. Superman will have a weakness in Man of Steel: his sense of isolation.

"Growing up being so very different and not knowing why ... that would be petrifying and lonely," Cavill told F*** magazine. "There's a very real story behind the Superman character. He's alone and there's no one like him. That must be incredibly scary and lonely, not to know who you are or what you are, and trying to find out what makes sense. Where's your baseline? What do you draw from? Where do you draw a limit with the power you have? In itself, that's an incredible weakness."

Judging from the Man of Steel trailers we've seen so far, you wouldn't think Superman was much on sentiment, but apparently, General Zod won't need to wave around a chunk of glowy, green stuff to bring Supes to his knees — all he needs to do is hurt his feelings a bit.

In all seriousness though, Kryptonite has been more-than played out and we're excited to see how Zack Snyder has gone about humanizing his character in lieu of an overt Achilles heel.

Man of Steel: New TV Trailer

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