Final Fantasy 15: Noctis Was Inspired By Kurt Cobain

Players may have already explored nearly everything within the world of Eos and had uncovered the truths behind the secret dungeon (in New Game+). Apparently, one of the greatest mysteries in the game isn't hidden within the depths of uncharted lands but rather, in a much conspicuous yet unobtrusive one - the main character itself, Noctis.

Final Fantasy 15: Eos And Its Characters

During the Game Developers Conference, Dan Inoue, Square Enix's localization director and lead writer has revealed astonishing background behind the creation of the entire Final Fantasy 15 including its set of unique and endearing characters. According to Inoue, the inspiration behind the crown city of Insomnia was a "cultural amalgam" behind popular metropolis all around the world particularly in London, Paris, New York City and Tokyo. This might be the reason why a lot of players were dumbfounded upon the surreal beauty of Insomnia.

Furthermore, Inoue stated that with regards to its characters, the team normally avoids basing them from real people mainly to provide each one with unique and fresh story arcs. The lead writer then used Prompto as an exemplar - which, according to him, is a character that deals with his internal struggles; a character that's quite insecure and wanting for a place "to belong." However, there was one exception, Noctis.

Final Fantasy 15: Noctis And Kurt Cobain

According to Inoue, he broke this rule upon creating the main protagonist of the story, Prince Noctis. He recalled that as he was collaborating with Noctis' Japanese voice actor, he suddenly imbibed an inspiration from the Nirvana lead singer, Kurt Cobain. It is from this moment that Inoue made a character out of the lead singer, a person that would be struggling to find its purpose on the world (which players are very familiar with). And through Kurt Cobain, Inoue modeled Noctis to act seemingly as "a rockstar who spurns the spotlight."

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