Final Fantasy XV: Bestiary Feature Confirmed For Future Update

By K.C , Jan 25, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Fans of Final Fantasy XV have a lot to celebrate even after the end of the Moogle Carnival as it has now been confirmed that the game will have an upcoming update that will give a Monster Bestiary feature. Here's everything that has been known so far:

Final Fantasy XV: Monster Bestiary

In an interview by EntertainmentStation and reported by Siliconera, Hajime Tabata said that the developers are working in adding bestiary items and features for Final Fantasy XV. The director clearly stated that one feature would enable players to see the monster's apparent weakness as well as all of its item drops. When asked about the release date, he responded: "As for when it'll release, please wait for further news."

Final Fantasy XV recently received an update that brought about the Moogle Carnival event as well as the added new feature called Self-Photography Feature. Itechpost previously reported that the new feature had a major drawback and that the fans are quite disappointed over Square's lack of feature that jeopardized the seemingly beautiful concept.

In other news, a new glitch was found in-game that lets players fully explore Insomnia. As seen in the video down below, the bug enables the player to become fully intangible and fly across the entire Insomnia city. Aside from the fun and excitement, the bug also gives player access to restricted places and contents that are presumed to be released in the upcoming DLCs.

As of the time of this writing, the glitch can still be performed since Square Enix didn't seem to both hotfixing the bug. The rumor about Insomnia being the center of the upcoming update was further backed by the release of the official Final Fantasy XV Guide Books. The Guide Books also revealed the upcoming playable characters including Iris, Aranea, Cor and Luna. Check out the entire story here. Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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